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The Z254 model is part of the Husqvarna Z200 Zero-Turn series, and it’s a high-performance machine suitable for cutting the largest lawns. This powerful workhorse allows gardeners and landscapers to tackle large yards and estates with ease. The setup and user experience of the mower feels like driving a car, and with plenty of accessories and outstanding features, it’s no surprise that this machine wins our top choice award. Another option you should consider is whether or not to buy a rear-engine riding mower vs. front-engine one. Each design has certain advantages and disadvantages depending on your yard and mowing preferences. Explore our inventory of lawn tractors from top brands like Cub Cadet and Husqvarna.

And many will match other retailers’ prices to help you find the best riding lawn mower for your needs. Rear engine riding mowers are designed to do only one job-cut grass. They usually cost less than a comparable-size lawn tractor.

Snapper® Classic Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Intek 23 In

But you have to store the beast somewhere, so don’t start shopping until you figure out how much storage space you have. And, if you have to pass through a gate or use a pathway, measure those widths at the same time. Finally, measure the total area you plan to mow, and use an angle gauge to measure the slope angle of your steepest hills.

I have driven the gas version and I have driven the lawn tractor. The only difference between the gas version and the 42e is it has electric motors for propulsion and mowing. Last year’s lawn tractor did a very good job and this year they have upgraded the battery to give the unit more power. They’ve worked out all the bugs over the last two years in the Troy-Bilt rider and the Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet lawn tractors.


5Offer valid on qualifying purchases made between 04 May 2021 to 01 June 2021. Subject to approved credit on a Revolving Plan account, a service rear engine riding lawn mowers for sale of John Deere Financial, f.s.b. For consumer use only. 0% APR is for 60 months only, regular Revolving Plan rates will apply after that.

  • They can struggle with tall grass, wet grass, and thick grass with leaves.
  • Riding lawn mowers are significantly more expensive than walk-behind models, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a riding mower under $1,000.
  • I’d be hoping to see at least a 10% improvement on mowing times on my 0.6 acres with both being 42″ wide.
  • Zero-turn radius mowers are one of the most popular riding mower options because they offer speed, agility, and power.
  • To avoid scalping your lawn, you need a cutting deck with adjustable heights.
  • Mowox mowers have replaced dual front casters with a single front caster wheel, perhaps the most maneuverable form of mower you can get.
  • Comfortable steering column with 18-inch turning radius makes tight turns around landscaping easy.
  • That also makes this mower a good choice if you don’t have huge storage space.
  • This mower uses standard deep discharge batteries for long mowing time and long battery life.
  • The availability of a battery gauge displays the charge level and how long the mower was on.
  • Hydrostatic is the most expensive and the smoothest operating.

While heavy-duty lawn tractors come fitted with a hitch so they can lug around necessary items. Riding lawn mowers come in a range of sizes, power capabilities, and types. Here are the three types of mower styles most commonly offered on the market. A riding mower is a perfect choice even for older people as it is very easy to operate. Also, you don’t have much to do as the mower does almost all the work itself. It’s equipped with a rear hitch that allows you to pull a cart or sprayer , and you can opt for side discharge or mulch grass clippingsas you mow.

Toro Z Master Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Make quick work of even the largest lawn with this mower’s 54-inch deck and unbeatable maneuverability. You’ll be amazed at the power and efficiency of this electric model, which can run up to two hours on a single charge. With a 30-inch deck and 18-inch turning radius, this mower can get into all sorts to tight areas. Comfortable steering column with 18-inch turning radius makes tight turns around landscaping easy. Took a good look at the Snapper mowers to see if they were better than Troy Bilt or offered the best auto trans mower.

It allows you to completely release the operator control handle without stopping the engine. That way, you can pause your mowing, move whatever obstacle out of your way and continue mowing without having to restart the engine. This Husqvarna push mower has 12-inch rear wheels, and this Cub Cadet push mower has slightly shorter 11-inch rear wheels. The harder you press forward on the drive control in the handle, the faster the mower goes.

The time savings of the 42″ ZT would be negated if I had to mow the slope with a push mower. I purchased a Ryobi 75AH ZTR, it mows quite nicely as long as your yard is smooth. Otherwise this is the roughest riding thing I have ever had the misfortune to sit on; after an hour on this my back/kidneys would hurt for two days.

rear engine riding lawn mowers for sale

There are three types of transmissions available, suitable for gas-powered and electric models. Let’s unpack the differences between these three transmission types. Up to half an acre – Look for a cutting deck of 40-inches or less. Simplicity’s signature Free Floating Mower Deck allows the deck to follow the contours of your lawn giving a scalp-free cut.

If you’re still curious, learn more about all the rent to own benefits Aaron’s offers. The Ryobi RM480E has been on the market for two years and features a proven battery and propulsion system that will give you years of use. No gas, no oil changes, no real maintenance besides blades and cleaning for years. This mower uses standard deep discharge batteries for long mowing time and long battery life.


The rear engine rider combines tried and true features with the latest mowing innovations to offer dependability you would expect from a lawn mowing icon. Improved steering allows you to make tighter turns while increasing comfort and driveability. This riding mower from one of the most well-known names in tractors is ideal for mid-sized lawns.

These “mowing vacuums” attach to the rear of the mower and have an adjustable height for scooping up cut grass as well as an offset hitch, making towing and turning easier. You can attach them to an ATV as well for clearing branches, leaves and other debris. Front lawn has slope of 5-5.5 foot drop in 100 feet, plenty of power to pull me up while mowing.

Rear engine riding mowers are already the most affordable riding mower style. But you can get an automatic transmission rear engine mower that approaches on and surpasses the most affordable lawn tractor mowers. However, for the ultimate in mower experience, if you want the skinnier deck width for easier manoeuvrability, then an auto transmission is a a great addition. No matter what type of mower you choose, hilly or uneven terrain can make the task of mowing significantly more challenging.

Look for a seat with dampening technology to reduce operator fatigue in your glutes and lower back while working. However, manual machines are a firm favorite for cost-conscious gardeners, and they are easy to maintain and cheap to repair. Riding lawnmowers feature a complex set of components that are in some ways, similar to a car or go-kart. Electric and gas-powered models have entirely different motors from each other that affect the machine’s performance. For a rule of thumb when selecting your mower, follow these guidelines when choosing your machine. This machine makes it into our review as a great low-cost alternative to a Husqvarna model.

It features a high-performance 10.50 gross HP† Briggs & Stratton Power Built™ Engine with a simple on and off switch for easy starting. Its 6-speed shift-on-the-go transmission lets you choose the pace without stopping, and a tight 18” turning radius allows for easy maneuvering around landscaping. Aside from having a variable speed hydrostatic transmission that is an advantage over other types of lawn mowers, a rear engine lawn mower also offers more accessibility to difficult lawn areas. Its rear wheel drive hydrostatic transmission delivers excellent traction and smooth shifting, and push-button cruise control lets you set a speed and forget it. You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to its adjustable seating, soft-grip steering wheel and cup holder, and integrated headlights give you the flexibility to mow at any time of day. This high-performance zero-turn mower has plenty of power and features to take on large yards.

Garden tractors are built on heavy steel frames and have larger engines. So they can accept wider cutting decks (up to 60 in.) than a lawn tractor. And, they’re powerful enough to handle attachments like tillers, cultivators, plow blades and snowblowers. Many are equipped with power takeoff to run a pump or even a generator. Two mowers that look alike can have very different price tags.

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