9 Christian Books To Read To Help Overcome Addiction

challenges the traditional perception of addiction as a brain disease. If you or anyone you know have an addiction, I pray that you/they find the courage to overcome and heal from that addiction. I pray that God heals your/their heart and takes away your/their burdens and fears. Addiction doesn’t have to have the last word.Healing the Scars of Addictionoffers a holistic approach to healing so that readers can reclaim their lives and move forward in hope.

Through the practices taught by AA and NA hundreds of thousands achieve lasting recovery every day. It gives you the strength and encourages you need to overcome addiction and bring your life back on track. Wurtzel’s book clearly illustrates the link between mental health issues and addiction. As a young woman, Wurtzel https://ecosoberhouse.com/ struggled with severe depression marked by manic highs and extreme lows. She turned to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to self-medicate and treat her emotional pain. She also poignantly expresses the feeling of emptiness and longing that so many addicts seek to fill through the consumption of their drug of choice.

best addiction recovery books

The book is very well-researched, analyzes just how alcoholism happens, and dissects the relationship between drinking and pleasure. Grace assures readers recovery is more than a difficult process — it’s a path to happiness. Double Double,” mystery writer Martha Grimes and her son, Ken, share their experiences with alcoholism. Two memoirs in one, it offers two very unique journeys and perspectives on living with an addiction.

John also examines holistic treatment options for addiction and why they work. This book is for anyone who is ready to take control of his or her life and take steps towards recovery now.

Another book by the same author, The Language of Letting Go, has been a staple in the recovery world since its publication in 1990. In this book, the author incorporates her own life experiences and recovery reflections in a daily meditation book.

Hip Sobriety

Living Sober is a recommended read for anyone using the 12 step method. A memoir penned in the 1970’s, this book documents the the adolescent years of musician Jim Carroll. His writing is startling in its earnest simplicity, drawing a vivid picture of his descent into heroin use and addiction. His inner tumult seems to reflect the paranoia and uproar of the 60’s era, creating an intense portrayal of his formative years. The Basketball Diaries exemplifies the euphemistic fall from grace that an addiction can cause, as well as the devastation that relapses can wreak upon an addict’s life. Most of these are not books on addiction, addicts, or their families.

best addiction recovery books

It can be hard to navigate your way through which books are most reliable, or best suit your particular situation. Whether you are going through the recovery process or standing by a family member or loved one who is, there are books for everyone. In an effort to assist you in understanding where to start your reading, here is a list of 10 of the best books on addiction recovery. In his 2008 memoir, “The Heroin Diaries,” rock star Nikki Sixx shares writings from a year when he was addicted to heroin and other drugs. The book includes diary entries that give readers an authentic look into Sixx’s life as a celebrity addicted to drugs. It also features present-day reflections from Sixx as a sober father.

The author, Richard Rohr, is a long-term motivational teacher who has helped many people take a giant leap out of their addiction. It goes further to provide self-help solutions to complete recovery. This book explains the emotional, physiological, and psychological problems individuals may face. It also provides a solution on how to deal positively with these problems. It helps addicts prepare their mindset to completely forget their indulgence in alcohol for good.

Under The Influence: A Guide To The Myths And Realities Of Alcoholism

This self-help book encourages the reader to examine the maladaptive thoughts and irrational beliefs that often fuel the behavior of an alcoholic. Instead of focusing on the belief that an addict is powerless over their own behavior, this book offers exercises in positive thinking, self-care and visualization. The goal of this book is to aid in the development of healthy coping mechanisms. This publication is an excellent companion to counseling or group therapy.

  • There are many great books that can help you in your first weeks of sobriety and in the first year of recovery from addiction.
  • Whether you are going through the recovery process or standing by a family member or loved one who is, there are books for everyone.
  • It gives you strength and encourages you to overcome addiction and bring your life back on track.
  • ” Researcher Brene Brown has become immensely popular over the past handful of years, due in large part to her excellent TED Talks about vulnerability and shame.
  • Linares offers more than just a memoir; this is a manual for anyone seeking to recognise and neutralise their own flaws.
  • My addiction always took me to new lows, and cost me many jobs over the years.

The book doesn’t merely focus on giving up alcohol or drugs, but says this is only the first step. Real recovery comes in the days and weeks following, when you’re challenged best addiction recovery books with living sober no matter what life throws at you. With the right blend of motivation and understanding, you can recover from problematic alcohol or drug use.

Are You Ready To Start Your Path To Recovery?

As the title infers, Rewired is about thinking differently about living clean and embracing recovery. The book presents healthy recovery as the result of living in accordance to twelve time-honored powerful principles, including honesty, evolution, solitude, love, compassion and hope. Erica Spiegelman is a well-respected addiction counselor, author and speaker who has had her own struggles with alcoholism and addiction. She promotes a holistic approach to healthy recovery that goes well beyond abstaining from drugs and alcohol. The smart reality of her book is that the attitudes and beliefs that accompany addiction are what fuels the disease.

best addiction recovery books

When counseling clients, we will frequently cite excerpts and recommend reading from books that present a particularly insightful or influential point of view. In recent years, a growing number of famous figures have authored books about their battles with addiction – seeking to help others who struggle to learn from their experience.

Those who have struggled with food, fame, sex, alcohol, and heroin will learn a lot from this book. It has helped thousands of addicted individuals to recover completely. As a self-help book, it provides s a simple and drug-free approach that is very easy to follow. The steps outlined effects of alcohol in the book have helped many discontinue their habit. It will continue to help thousands of others who will follow exactly the steps in the book. There is nothing better than listening to someone who has passed through the exact same experience you are passing through.

A childhood connection to elephants spurred and sustained Debbie Ethell through her teens until depression and a brush with suicidal thoughts pushed her into alcohol dependency. The interviewees themselves range from fitness experts and recovery advocates to celebrities and experts; they each offer advice, tips, and tricks from their own lives in the hope they will help someone else. The interviews are short, searching, and often heartfelt; they go to the core of what it means to seek recovery, forgiveness, and a new way of living in a world so riddled with temptation. A discussion best addiction recovery books with an older inmate changed everything; West had a spiritual awakening; he found God, recovery, and hope, and was released from prison after 7 years. After finding himself with a life sentence in a Texan prison, he knew he needed to change. The unique and humorous take on addiction and recover provided by doctor and recovering addict Nicole Labor is something that no-one fighting addiction should miss. As a board-certified music therapist, Tim Ringgold is a firm believer in the power of music and it’s potential to help those struggling with addiction, grief, and trauma.

Eventually my faith brought me to my knees and I began my journey of sobriety after having a spiritual experience. Having been in recovery for many years, and working here at Shatterproof, I often get asked to recommend books about addiction. So here’s a list of my all-time best addiction recovery books favorite reads about substance use disorders. This is a complete program rather than a risk-free regime or a book. You can simply go through the process of eliminating your drug addiction and alcohol abuse or any other kind of addiction you may have been struggling with.

Top 10 Best Books About Overcoming Addiction And Recovery

Early recovery can be difficult, and this book offers great ideas for creating a sober life while teaching you easy to use practices for dealing with stress and urges to drink or get high. For those looking for an easy read filled with tips that can be attributed to their personal lives and sobriety, this is a highly recommended read.

best addiction recovery books

It has helped thousands of addicts completely do away with their smoking habits. Your first step to recovery is that you must want move forward and leave your addiction behind. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you sometimes struggle to explain your MS to others, you’re not alone. Here’s how four people living with the condition describe it in plain terms. Recent research found that a single dose of ketamine had robust and long-lasting effects in the cessation of alcohol use.

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In this book, she chronicles her life from an anxiety cursed childhood, a difficult coming of age and the guilt, struggles and denial of a working mom suffering from alcoholism. “Believable Hope” by Michael Cartwright – Michael relates stories of his own addiction to drugs and alcohol. He also shares what he believes to be the five most important elements you need to beat addiction. This book has helped tens of thousands of people on the road to recovery. Some books are written from personal experience in the form of a journal, others include before and after stories, accounts by family members of an addict, and educational volumes.

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